Tenjyu no minamoto Tenjyu no minamoto

Everything started with my caregiving to my mother.

The warmth of the my mother that I remember even now.

The warmth of the my mother that I remember even now.

My mother became ill when I was in the fifth and sixth grade of elementary school, and I had to take care of her. I became swamped with the task of taking nursing care for my mother every day. I also wished one day, "Mother will be dead tomorrow."
But the next day, "I'm glad to find that she is alive. What was I thinking?" Thinking that way, I was shedding tears every day.
Sense of guilt and responsibility. The reality was repeated nursing care. The only natural curative healing under such circumstances when my heart was bursting every day was "warmth" I felt while holding the hand of mymother. However, the warmth is gradually lost as the days went by, and I cannot forget even now the warmth was disappearing. At that moment, it crossed my mind that warmth was essential for health.

A fateful encounter and a new determination.

My mother, whom I had taken care of die, and I was working as a member of society. One day I had a fateful encounter which was with Dr. Masayuki Yoshikawa, a doctor of pharmacology. He happened to be a lecturer at a study group where I was invited by a friend of mine. Dr. Yoshikawa was also the president of the Japan Society of Pharmacology, and he wrote many books about medicines and one of the great scholars in the field.
In his lecture, I heard that he said that regaining the warmth would be a good source of health, and the lecture he delivered at that moment surprised me quite a lot. It reminded me and convinced me of the feeling I had on that day when my mother's warmth was being lost. By the end of the study session, I strongly felt that warmth is important as was expected for daily well-being. Moreover, then I had a strong determination at that time.
"I want all of you to live your life well! For that purpose, I have to make the best health food in Japan!”

A fateful encounter and a new determination.

From there, I set out to start a problematic path of trial and error.

From there, I set out to start a problematic path of trial and error.
  • Feel aggravated than before
  • Somewhat annoyed
  • Unrefreshed in the mornin
  • Carelessness increased
  • No appetite and go to the toilet frequently

It turned out that these worries were caused by the fact that we do not exercise with age and a birdlike appetite so that I could feel cold in my body.

In search of feeling power to overturn common sense.

There are many health foods, such as green juice, ginseng, black vinegar, and sesamin.
"What do you think is good?"
"What do you think is good enough with 100% confidence?"
"What can warm-up, including our heart?"
I checked many things, however, there wasn't anything to ring a bell.
Four years have passed since then, overcoming various hardships, and I finally developed the health food that can be introduced as the best product in Japan.

In search of feeling power to overturn common sense.

Stick firmly to make a selection from many raw materials.

Stick firmly to make a selection from many raw materials.
Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng
-Shih-Huang-ti also loved this ginseng-

Korean ginseng is native to the Korean peninsula. The main ingredient is various saponins called "ginsenoside." It has long been known as one of the world's leading hot-active materials.

Japanese Ginseng

Japanese Ginseng
-Unique and secret God's grass-

It was called, "God's grass" in Satsuma Domain, and unique and secret medicine. The principal ingredient is "isoepoxyputerixin."Because of its medicinal effects, it has been designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare as a pharmaceutical product.

Desert Ginseng

Desert Ginseng
-Longevity Medicine-

Rare and valuable plants that can only grow in a form that is parasitic on tree roots in the desert. It is also known as "Korean ginseng in the desert." It is said that there are many long-lived people with the age of over 100 in the Hotan area of the production area, and few people are bedridden.

The power of Korean Ginseng that has been come down since ancient times is scientifically recognized.

It has been popular for thousands of years in oriental medicine since it became Shih-Huang-ti's favorite. Above all, it is said to be ginseng that causes a miracle in the mind and body, and it is a panacea that boosts the inner energy. Research is also in progress, and many results of clinical data are open to the public in Europe and the US.

Masayuki Furukawa Doctor of Pharmacology
Masayuki Yoshikawa

Raw materials are luxuriously mixed and can be felt inside the body.

Maca Maca

It was very high-class ginseng favored by the locals as "the phantom of the confidential grass" in the Andes region since ancient times, and that it has been permitted to be made available only to the privileged class due to its effects. It’s widely used as a health food to support blood health while it is widely spread and healthy as "Andean ginseng."

Ginger Ginger

Ginger is a primary hot food in Japan. It is widely used as a food to warm in cold weather. Even from the perspective of oriental medicine, when you feel cold, it is ginger, which is so powerful that it can get rid of cold from you.

Licorice Licorice

It has been valued highly for various uses since ancient times. It is a plant with a high ability to store water as it grows in harsh environments close to the desert. Among them, there is a function to keep a certain amount of water, and a feature to prevent lowering the inner power.

Feeling Actual Power and Easiness

Instead of soft capsules, I decided to offer tablet-type medicines that was naturally hardened to enhance the genuine feeling to an ultimate extent. I thought that soft capsule takes time until it melts, and it is very burdensome for those who have become weak. To exert the maximum effect in the easy-to-drink size, I was also committed to the shape and succeeded in making it as small as possible ,and I was also able to make the price cheaper.

Finally created a ginseng supplement aiming for the best in Japan.

Tenjyu No Minamoto

Since I started thinking about making the best health food in Japan,
I spent no less than four years before starting production.
If you have not experienced the therapeutic effects of health food products until now,
and if you feel uneasy about your health, please do not miss this opportunity to try heal food products.